Leadership-Respect for the Law

Earning respect is not something that anyone can have. Before you can earn the respect of others, you must first show respect to others and as people observe how you show respect, they would then follow you as a leader, behaving the right conduct of one true respectable leader. At some point in your leadership, you could face trials, disrespect from people who opposes you, but as a true leader, you would stand alone and display that even when faced with failure and criticism and disrespect, you are the courageous leader who deserves to be respected.

When trials come during leadership, the need for self-evaluation is also important. With this evaluation, you would find out why some of your group do not respect you or chose to respect those who are under your leadership. It is because sometimes, people do not see the things that people who respect see in you.

As a true and effective leader, respect for the law is expected of you.